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November 29, 2007


Lynn Crapo


You crack me up Amy!


It is so great to be able to see yourself in someone else...especially in those not so pretty moments...thanks Amy for always being so real and honest! Plus you ALWAYS make me laugh!


LOVE it!!!! that is so funny! I totally feel your pain. My pain is called Hayden. He will NOT sit still or look at the camera let alone smile! All we can hope for is a christmas miracle!!! Good luck!!!


My only advise to anyone getting family photos...is let go of the all smiling at the camera ideal...you'll be much happier with the outcome. LOL.

Mom and Pop

I remember those days.......it didn't work for us either!!!!
I think this blog was more interesting than the perfect picture would have been.


oh my holy! dejavu big time! this is a HUGE part of why we also have no pics....5 kids defying their parents is so fun--not. keep on keepin on....:)

Mom and Pop

Wow, look at all those teeth that Lilly has. Nice haircut Hunter, at least from the back anyways. Looks like it won't be worth Grandma and Grandpa coming at christmas to see you since you won't show us your face! Bet that won't work either. M&D


Haha... that is hilarious... but I can tell you why Lily is crying so hard in that last picture... bad hair day... that ponytail looks painful.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck...you're gonna need it! ;)

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