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February 29, 2008



Girl you need to start selling on etsy...why? Trades. I have gotten soooo many cool things by trading with other Etsian sellers. Hair clips a plenty.

Lynn C.

You love antiques too! When will the similarities stop??!! LOL! I am SO jealous of your original door in your house with lock and key too.. I would never move....well, unless it was to another house with an original door with lock and key.

Tip for your ice. As soon as they are frozen, I dump them into a large freezer ziplock baggie. No more crumb droppings!

Those crackers and chocolates look fab! Now I will have to look out for some at our local stores. Those crackers look the best, with the little "scoop" up the sides. I bet they would hold a TONNE of toppings!

Your Lily is just so darn cute. I would be hugging her all day too.


can totally relate on the bits in the water. yuck! And the skeleton key - that is so cool!


You are soooo OCD!! you crack me up - luvin those pics of Lily.


what's wrong with your water...little bits... weird. You can't stop hugging onto Lily cause she's your last you know. the last is always spoiled, you should know that better than anyone!!!

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