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February 28, 2008



This is so cute. I wish I could find some room to make a similar area for my daughter. If you put some letters up there you could put something like her name, and you two could decoupage them with different papers she likes - that way you have the words and it is also some art that she made. :)


I'm working on an art corner for the kiddos and I LOVE the jar idea. I've got frames for their artwork, but I think it's so smart to pop out the glass so it's easier to just tack the artwork on. Soooo clever!! Love the colors and everything. Great!


I love it the way it is, it needs nothing.


too cute! if that was MY daughter's room, there would be crayon everywhere and the curtains would be shredded! hopefully ava's better behaved then that :) ikea has a rail you can hang pictures on with magnets, just attatch it to the wall. i think the oval frame would look cute, the giant letters may be over the top, but i love them, have them on my family wall. i alwasy say use what you like, what reflects your personality. but you know that!
you are such a good mum!

Lynn C.

Oh that is perfect! What little girl wouldn't want that? How awesome.

Mom & Dad Coates

I LOVE the little craft corner - I think Ava must take after you as you are so CRAFTY!! How on earth did you think of those pictures frames for her artwork - they are perfect. For the oval one you could try a cross stich oval frame and put a flower or something where the brass opening thing is.


I vote for CREATE i think it would be the perfect touch, and can I just tell you I love your creative ideas?? Where do you come up with them and WHERE can I learn?! I have NO originality WHAT so ever, that is why you must come and decorate for me when I am rich... one day. Oh and there is a certain matter about a certain baby scrapbook that I won but seem to be still without... HMMMM

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