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February 27, 2008


Mom & Dad Coates

The features on the face are nicely proportioned AND in the right place!! I would say you have a budding Picasso on your hands.

Lynn C.

LOL!!!! You know....they say red is the HOT color to wear this Spring.. You are so ahead in fashion.
I love the skirt she put on you. That's how I always preferred to differentiate the guys from the girls with my stick people. I put a triangular skirt on the Females! : D Nice drawing.


I think your head's going to fall off because of the weight of the gigantic earrings... you ought to wear smaller ones you know.

I am also really loving the expression in your eyes... so totally vacant... eyes are the windows to the soul you know... hmmm... what is Ava trying to tell you???

Alright, really... very cute... tell Ava her aunty mandy thinks she is a fantastic artist.


Your head always did lean a little to the left....weird how well she gets you! ;)

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