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March 20, 2008



Enjoy! I have an addiction to this....LOL

You are one of the first people that I have noticed to blog about these books.


Muhahahahahaha!! Have fun ignoring your entire life and home to finish up the next two books...and the fourth one comes out this August! :):) I CAN'T WAIT...and according to my plan, you won't be able to either!! hahahaha

Lynn C.

Really??? Everyone has been raving about this series. Is it really THAT good? Please fill me in a bit on what type of series this is. Mystery? Romance? History? What? My curiosity is SO peaked now. Everyone keeps saying that they stay up all night to read it.

Crystal Heron-Stevens

I bought this book a week or so ago at chapters, also acting on Janays recommendation. I haven't started it yet. I really can't wait now.


I have a love-hate relationship with this series. I read all three in four days. I hope your house doesn't fall apart like mine did!!!

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