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March 28, 2008



seriously I have decided you are super human!!! I think we should all try to duplicate these confectionary masterpieces and post them. My vision for mine- marbled lumps of poorly colored fondont on top of mis shaped cupcakes ( because I don't sift together my dry ingrediants) mine will also have little teaser crumbs of the cake in the fondant because I will stir up crumbs into my fondant when trying to force it to take shape of the cupcake. Also my fondant may just droop over the side of the cupcake once it realizes it has not been place on a well cooled cupcake. anyway hey amy it's stacy I have been frequenting your blog since discovering janays, hope you don't mind. love love love your blog if you and darren ever consider adoption please put me on the short list.lol. Seriously though if you could possibly lone out or sell part of your creative genius i would consider a second morgage on the house. Crazy hello good you are amy!!!! ( thats my gweyn steffani meets yoda impression) hope all is well feel free to email I would love to hear from you. miss you, miss you running strathmores second sb store. ( i miss just shopping for sb supplies wa wa ) stacy p


Wow, you do make the most beautiful cupcakes! Those could be in a magazine!


I am thinking that you really do need to find a way to make money on this talent of yours. They look too good to eat.


In New York I had a piece of cake with fondant icing and it was the first and last time I enjoyed it. It tasted like almont extract smells and I LOVED it. It has been a let down since and I wonder if it really was fondant... They look gorgeous Amy! You are Martha without the pesky jail time.


So beautiful!!! I agree re the taste of fondant but the look is sure WOW!


those cupcakes are adorable! how did you make them???? and do you honestly think that it is something that i could do? be honest.

Lynn C.

Ooooo! I beg to differ with you! Move on over Martha!!!!

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