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March 13, 2008



My son just got the Bee movie for Easter and he loves it. Though I liked it the first couple of times I watched it, Jerry Seinfields voice gets to be a bit annoying. Great ideas for the movie night.

Crazy Daisy

these cake balls look wonderful!


The only thing I've managed to be consistent with at Easter: the Easter Bunny brings books. I usually buy a new Easter (spring) dress for Keeks (this year it's a pretty yellow dress with a white sweater set that matches). Not too much on the candy...as Kia tends to not be a big candy eater and it just becomes wasted. Definitely an easter egg hunt...that's about it.


I love that idea of hiding the colored eggs and doing team work to find them! :D

Lynn C.

I LOVED the Bee Movie! What cute ideas you have for your movie night. Yum! gotta try the cake on a stick. Looks SO good. Thanks for the Lasagna recipe BTW.

Hmm.....Traditions for Easter......Well, we have made Easter Cards before and I let the kids go door to door to the neighbors to hand their creations out and say " Happy Easter". The creating of these handmade pieces of art kept them busy and chatting for hours. We had everything from stickers to paint to glitter.

Then there's the traditional family game of ..."Hide and Seek the egg". We use to hide a real colored egg, until someone hid it SO good that mommy was in a panic as to find it before the stinker stunk up the place.. Now it's one of those plastic eggs that they hide. Over the years it's developed into a more serious game of "Who can hide these 10 colored eggs the best?" and "Which team can find all 10 eggs that fastest?" Can get quite competitive. LOL!


You know your cake balls aren't doing anything for my diet. THanks!

As for Easter - we leave clues (which mommy and daddy read) and they follow until they find their Easter Baskets. If your kids are too young for that - maybe have them follow some bunny tracks around the house to find some treats. Not too many great ideas in this brain today. LOL!

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