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March 23, 2008



I am so glad to see I am not the only one who is not a Jacob fan! But it does seem like I detest him more than most;( I hope he's not in the 4th instalment. Your house has sooo much character. (insert picture of me turning green!)



Wes and I are wondering how many times your kids have fallen off those stairs with no railing...


Umm yah, I am TOTALLY an Edward fan. I find Jacob obnoxious and annoying. He needs to go away :) Glad you are enjoying them!!! :)

Crystal Heron-Stevens

ok,ok, I think I will drop the self help book now and read twilight.. I really can't stand it anymore.
nice easter pictures.


I'm 100% with ya on Edward and Jacob. I was talking to a gal friend who is in LOVE with Jacob, WHA??? NOt me...Edward all the way. I also agree with the casting choices...boo hiss! Not my Edward. Bella is fine - not sure how I really pictured her anyway. I'll probably still see the movie, that's how nuts I am :)


Ya, it's all about Edward. But Jacob definately has that tough guy edge about him that can be very yummy as well. Can't wait for number 4.

Lynn C.

oh NO way! You are SO lucky to have that window! LOL! Why am I not commenting on the books? I REALLY need to go get them now. Sounds So good.

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