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March 19, 2008



Those are some scary pictures. That last one is very strange.
Very funny post.

I am new to your blog, you have some great ideas.


Hi! I know I am a total stranger but I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Your sense of humor makes me chuckle and your kiddos are adorable. I am so glad I found it. :)

And I agree with you, the Easter bunny is terrifying! My kids had pics with him a few years ago and boy did he look creepy, lol.


well when you put it that way.. creepy...
seriously creepy

amber :-)

I also find the easter bunny creepy...in fact, when I was a kid I refused to go near any person trying to pass as a bunny, mouse, elf, santa, etc....


Well thanks Amy! I never used to be scared of the easter bunny until NOW! LOL


Thanks...I am officially creeped out...thank goodness for the chocolate that comes with the creepoid bunny...

Lynn C.

LOL!!!!! After looking at those.....I totally see the Bunny in a whole new light.

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