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March 31, 2008



what dept. of Wal-mart did you find these?


What dept. in Wal-Mart did you find these?


i just found your blog and i am thinking this is a great idea! thanks for sharing.


What a GREAT idea. I just found these containers in Australia at our Big W shop. They are only $1.98 each!


What a GREAT idea. I just found these containers in Australia at our Big W shop. They are only $1.98 each!


Very excited to read this post tonight. The past three weeks we've been attempting (rather haphazardly I must admit!) the token system. However, lack of containers and a good way to list their chores made the system run out of steam reallll fast. So, I'm off to Walmart to find these tomorrow!! Here's hoping they have 'em! Did you find them in the office or craft area? And one more q... did you put the hole in, or did they come that way??



Thank you! What great ideas (I found your site through a friend - hope you don't mind). I'm going to start working on this tonight! I have a 3-year-old but I think he will really enjoy this!


You say you got those containers at Wal-mart? Where in Wal-mart? Those are seriously SOOO cool!


I love your chore system! We just started it Friday and already I'm a more sane mom- Thanks!


This is a great idea!


How old is your youngest? My daughter is three and I'm wondering if she'd understand some sort of system like this. Mornings have been hard because she doesn't want me to go to work, so she's slow about putting on her coat, etc, which then stresses everyone out when we are trying to get to work or whatnot. But I bet if she could earn a little extra time before bed or some time to play outside or something, she just might move along. Cute idea.


This would work so well in our house. My only question is how do you keep track of the tokens? Do you stop what you're doing and put tokens in right then, or do you add them up and put them in the jars at the end of the day? I'd love to implement this..


That's such a great idea....I'm going to Walmart right now to try to find those tins.


Lynn C.

I am guessing that you live close to the US border and can frequently do some shopping there. NICE!! Very adorable dress.

I absolutely love your token idea! Much thought was put into that. You are fostering some really great habits. Especially the lesson of working for something. Too many adults still expect something for nothing these days. Way to go. Awesome idea!


We do something like this too, but you've got it organized to a tee. I like how everything is together and clearly laid out. There's no guess work involved plus it's user friendly for husbands.


Well, I guess Australia gets some bonus points for stocking Vanilla Coke... what are they thinking over there in Canada? :)

And that token system is very cute, very neat. Although you should try our system to get our kids to do what we want... Wes just whips out the ol' belt and starts snapping away...

Okay, Okay! Just kidding people...


I love this Amy! I've been wanting to do something like this for a while.

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