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April 03, 2008



How can you keep this up? You just keep doing it...how fabulous are those?!


WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? Don't you realize that I'm trying to get into shape - and NOT the round variety? These look too good to pass up. I have NO self discipline, especially with sweets. They are my weakness. And you make them look sooooo goood! *sigh* next time post a photo of a decapitated frog sandwich, and I might be okay.

Lynn C.

I eat 4 PB and J toasted whole wheat sandwiches EVERY single morning for breakfast. And then again for the occasional supper before bed. Yup! I love them that much. Hated it when I was a kid. Funny thing. Now I have got to try cupcakes too. My husband will put me in a home for sure now. : D


I linked to your from Bobbie. Anyway, I am loving your blog. Spent a bit of time reading too. I am totally going to be doing the reward system you shared. Thanks so much! I will be back for sure.


Interesting... they almost sound gross... like that's going to stop me from trying them. My kids will love them anyway, they are addicted to peanut butter.


Can't wait to try them!

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