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November 28, 2008



I did this for the first time this year and I must say, so far it has been a lot of fun! Some things I noted that the activity was for 2 nights since I really didn't have a lot of time to shop around and find neat little goodies. My son still thinks it's cool to open an envelope each day before school!

I'm going to post pics on my blog that I just started. I will be sure to include a link to your blog since my basket isn't as snazzy as yours and I want everyone to know where I got the idea from!

Thanks so much!!!


My daughter loves this... Ive been writing a note each night from 1 of santas elves telling my girlie something xmassy for her to do that day. Ie 1... Santa is waiting for ur letter ! 2.. We read the xmas story . 3. Make decorations. 4 . Decorate tree... Every morning she wakes up and hunts for her letter from the elf. "mummy mummy the elf left it in my room and i didnt even wake up! What do i need to do today?!
Thankyou so much for the fab idea :-)

Leigh S.

Thank you for doing this!!! This is awesome!! I have wanted to do an advent calendar for years and I get started and it's to overwhelming!! Thank you for taking the time to also share the contents!! I love that most of them are free and involve family time!!!


Foun a few ideas like this from Pinterest !!
Love the movie ideas and play dough! Never thought of little things like that!

Thanks for sharing!!


great idea! i am looking for something new to do with the kids. Also, could you tell me what color grey is on your wall? found you from Pinterest.

Cathe Baker

Can't wait to do this with my girl! She's is going to LOVE this! Thanks for sharing:)


I was doing an Advent calendar for my Hostkids again with lots of crafts stuff and this is just the right idea how to wrap it up! Thank you so much!

Valerie Foiles

I love this idea, and I'm going to make an advent calendar for my grandchildren. I actually joined Pinterest just to get the details on this project. I had seen it briefly on Pinterest and then couldn't find it again. Thank you.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! We don't do Santa in our house so this is going to be what we "DO" now! Thank you so much for inspiring me.

Laila @OnlyLaila

This is an awesome idea! I'm definitely going to try it with my son

Teresa Bassett

Awesome idea. You're a great mom!

Janae Braden

I adore this idea...thans so much for sharing...I may just have to do this!

Dawn Thompson

I love this idea! Like you I have several children, 4 to be exact. Does each child open a gift or do they take turns? Just curious how you split it out with the kids and the activities such as baking with you. Thanks for the ideas!

christina desantiago

I love this idea do u mind if u post on my blog with a link to your oage

Elaine Corrigan

I couldn't get enough read fast enough. Wow what a amazing idea for the Grandkids.Thanks so much for sharing.


enjoyed catching up on your blog today. I won't have the opportunity to get out and get all the supplies I will need for these great projects this year.. again I will have to live my crafting dreams through you..
have a great weekend.


Looks awesome Amy! I posted my advent stuff today also...great minds!

Lynn Crapo

Great idea! We use to do this in a different sort of way. I would wrap their gift or activity and leave it out on the door step for them to find in the morning.

I don't know how or when that tradition stopped. However, I think this Basket is an awesome idea. And safer too! No one would steal it off our front porch. (Like the paper boy. : S )

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