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November 29, 2008


Lynn Crapo

Not sure where my comments disappeared to.....

But I will try again.

This has got to be the funniest post. I killed myself laughing when I went to your link to read about the previous years.

Poor Hunter though! You can't help but have a quivering lip when you look at the last photo! And yet, I still spill my guts out laughing.

Too funny!


still think you should use the second last picture.. Your reality seems to be a classic timing.. use it.. embrace it.. hope your eye is better soon Hunter..
p.s amy.. you have to stop all the cute things for Christmas.. I can't get the bucket off my mind and I can't go down my stairs to see if I can get enough together to even fake it.. stop.. I am so.... I don't know.. so wishing I was mobile..
love you blog.. as always


Classic. You could just grab your sharpie and draw a pirate patch on his face. Argh...have a Merry Christmas. ;) So funny.


awwww, poor Hunter! You can almost see his eye getting puffier and puffier. We are attempting to do a family pic for our christmas cards today. I guess you'll find out in a few weeks how it went!


I like how Ava keeps smiling beautifully for each picture, even though Hunter is weeping away. You have her trained so well.


Awwwww! He really looks so sad. I'm really feeling for ya.


So so so so so so funny!! Sorry to say it (I'm sure you already know it) but those would have been the cutest pictures EVER if it wasn't for the eye issue!

Mom and Dad

This has to be the funniest blog going and gave us both the best laugh we've had in a while. Thanks.

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