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December 18, 2008



good one, I so often look at your stuff and think why didn't I think of that, it is so great... now if I do it I am just a big copy cat.. Oh well, guess I am just a big copy cat. The sprinkle thing.. must say I am a little saddened about the lack of them here just as your sister is. Have loved all of your ideas this Christmas.. Keep the creative energy going.
Your mom was in the other day.. She looked very relaxed when she left.


This is a fabulous gift idea! I hope I remember it for next year! I especially love the cardstock template you made to hold them - GENIUS GIRL, GENIUS!!

lynn Crapo

Okay.. YOu found those CUTE sprinkles in a Dollar store??? I have got to look harder for some here. I look EVERY where for cute sprinkles and get nothing.

What a FABULOUS gift! And in the words of your mom and dad "YOU ARE THE QUEEN!"

Mom & Dad

OK. we give up!! You ARE the queen....we aren't even going to attempt to compete anymore.
PS: where do we order from and do you have a catalogue???


Very sweet! Beats the heck out of the box of Pot of Gold chocolates I gave my ladies. :) Although I think our cost ended up the same. lol.


OMG, those are fabulous gifts! You are so creative gal. Love your ideas. :)


Boy are you good. You could easily go into business with that idea especially at Christmas time. Can I order some, three as a matter of fact and I need them by Saturday.
Wish you were close.

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