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January 09, 2009



Your doors look GREAT! I was hoping you can tell me how did you attach the trim to the doors? Did you glue? Use finishing nails? If so, what size nails? Then you filled with caulking I presume? Just wondering how you did what you did- they look fantastic!!


wow I love the hallway doors! What a great idea! Can you tell me what the layout of them is, the spacing for the trim? I want to do the same thing in our house! Also what colour of paint did you use? Thanks


what a great update. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning with a cup of coffee. YOu house looks amazing. You should be proud of all that you have done in there.
You will love your ipod dock.. I have Bose dock in my sitting room/ dining room and it is on "all" the time. Cookie craft. I cant wait to see what you make and decorate ... I love this book. Your belly is adorable. YOu really look amaizing. everything must be agreeing with you.
Stacey and I are taking our staff to the hotel we went to in Canmore the scrapbooking retreat. We are going to go shoping and eat and play some team bonding games. really looking forward to it. talk to you soon.


Your little baby belly looks so cute. You will love that picture one day. The doors looks great, wow what alot of work. You guys sure are making that house awesome. That is really scary about the idenity thing wow.... I heard it is really hard to fight. It is so weird to google your self and see so much info there. it does make you want to go into hiding of some sort. Almost scary really to know what someone could find out about you and use. Hope Ava gets better soon.


carpet and doors look great!. We can't wait to meet the new baby.

Hopefully you get all that identity stuff figured out soon.


Interesting... all of it... you are too much like your parents, with all the renovating stuff... you really should know better :)

Nice preggo pictures, I think little baby Workman needs some baby stuff sent from his Aunty... and requests? You might as well tell me what you want, because I'm sending stuff either way!

Ummm... and interesting book choice, what on earth is all that about? :D


thanks for catching up...you look so super busy! question about the doors...did you sand or prime before painting? i would love to tryt his, but hate all the 'before' work.

take care Amy!

lynn Crapo

Fantastic Post!!! I sure had fun catching up!

NICE carpet!!!

Love the new door ideas! You are SO smart!

Cute belly you have there! I would have panicked too not having anything for baby. You are So lucky to live so close to Target.

Nice hole those guys put in your wall...NOT! I can't believe they didn't at least try to fix it or give you a HUGE discount!!! I'm with Darren.....make that call and get them to fix it and pay for it. Of course, in a nice way. Yes, accidents DO happen.....but my mamma taught me to make restitution for all my mistakes.
(Okay...off my soap box....how can you tell I am dealing with something like that now too. : S)

So sorry your little one is so sick. Hope she gets better soon!

And I hope you get your identity theft situation taken care of too! YIKES!!!! I HAVE lived in Brooks and I grew up with a lot of people in Brooks. That town is just not the same anymore. And this world certainly isn't either. Too scary!

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