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January 04, 2009



Hayden LOVED it! I left him in the primary room and didn't see him until it was all over! He has been wanting to go to primary for a few months now so it was an easy sell for me! Glad she's willing to go next week!


Grandpa Coates

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes. Hard to believe how red and sore they were just a week or so ago. She's so sweet and innocent, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Tell her grandpa says he's proud of her taking her first big primary girl step.


How cute... Conner had his first day of primary yesterday too... he kept asking, can I go back to nursery???


Aww, my baby is growing up! Give her a big hug from aunty Nicola.

lynn Crapo

YAY! She did it! You did it!

What a cutie. Definitely wearing a befitting crown.

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