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January 13, 2009


Pa Coates

Well, you almost had me in tears! About the price of peanut butter that is! Phew, some might have thought I have a soft side.


Well... not to say that you don't have it rough... but... 1kg of pb over here costs ten dollars... what is this world coming to?

So are you always so sappy when you are pregnant...? haha



Nice story about the old lady!! It's totally worth it :)


lynn Crapo

No way!!! That price of Peanut butter is outrageous! Maybe have some family and friends deliver some cheaper stuff to you, the next time they come by car.

Love the CUTE valentine treat idea! You are always thinking ahead.

Thanks for sharing the old lady story. It's true. The sacrifice is all worth it. I am now starting to see what's it's like from the other end....I am old....and my daughters who have moved out come and visit....and then they go back home again. LOL!

Holly Rice

Since you shop in the US a lot, can you do the Grocery game there? http://www.thegrocerygame.com/
I've been wanting to start this. I have several friends who save on there groceries.
I've also decided to plant a garden, prices of produce have shot through the roof.
Your looking great. Your creativity amazes me.

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