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February 05, 2009



I am truly in love with this play room. I don't feel bad anymore about having so many "pink" colored toys for my daughter when we have a baby boy on the way. Where/how do you laminate the pictures for the storage bins?


Love the fact that my girls aren't the only kids in the world who have and OCD Mommy that has seperate bins for toys in their room!! Only difference is that all of our bins have lids. I hate when all the bins end up on their bedroom floor all at once, but they are more than willing to go through and put the items away in their correct bins!!

Val Bailey

Amy, want to know who you take after? Yes me. I am known as the "neat freak" around here with a place for everything. Aunty Val xx

Mom & Dad

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter??
I remember you had the messiest room in the house (next to Nicola)...and you mean to tell me all I had to do was buy a few tubs and containers and your room could have looked like this?..sigh....


Oh Sigh! How I love you Amy! You should really think about going into buisness again; scrapbooking, photography, home organization/decor AND cooking/baking!

lynn Crapo

You are the QUEEN of organization! I recognized many of those barbie accessories. However, I WISH I had had this tutorial a LONG time ago....why didn't I think of keeping the shoes matched together in a little container? That SURE would of saved me many hours of searching. My hats off to you! Loved this post!!!

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