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February 17, 2009



Where do you get all that energy? I'm tired just reading your blog.
What a great Mom. Your children will always remember the great things you did with them.


forgot to ask...can you share the recipe for the chocolate cookies?


Can I be a kid again and be your child? Everything here is pure eye candy...it all looks so fun! I love the salad and the drinks...I am keeping these in mind for next year...LOVE it all! TFS!


Here's what I like to do for such holiday occcasions such as V-day. I pretend they don't exist...that way, they pass by and I don't have to lift a finger. :) Ahhh the life....


Sometimes reading your blog makes me feel so inadequate.

And tired.

lynn Crapo

Okay......could YOU pleeeeease post a picture of your MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD hanging on the wall??!!!!

Absolutely FABULOUS dawlin'!! Only you could make that mock pink champagne even better. I LOVED it!

What a great and memorable weekend for sure.


Hunter, Ava and Lily...I want your mom!!

Did you like the movie??


Absolutely gorgeous!! You go to so much effort which I think shows such love and devotion to your beautiful family. I hope it's ok if I borrow the cupcake and cookie idea for Annika's birthday party later on this year:) - I'd love the recipe for the cookies too (that icing sounds like hard work!)

Vanessa x

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