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June 29, 2009



I can't wait to do this. I will share (with linkback) with my readers. Great idea.

Sherry Smyth

too stinkin' cute!!!!!


This post is a couple of years old, but I found it on Pinterest the other day and just finished making these with my kids. Since my husband is Canadian, we made one for him too, with both sons' handprints. Very cute idea! I can't wait to see them all wearing them tomorrow. Happy Canada Day!

Vanessa Strickland

Just made these today and now we wait for them to dry.
I actually did white paint on red shirts as I was having visions of yet another stained white t-shirt on my boys. :)
So although I'm not sure if the flag looks more like the white hand of Sarumon (LOTR reference) but in the end, I think it works. :)
Thanks for this great idea!

K. The Littlest Crafter

Love Love LOVE this idea! And your blog...I got so side tracked looking at all your previous posts, I had to stop and come back here to comment. :)

I'll be back!!


Ya gotta love creative minds. Great job.


Brilliant,as always. Good job you take after me, eh?

Kathy Tanner

Hi there, I love your blog. Thanks for the idea! I did it today with 2 of my kids and got all sorts of praises at our city's Canada Day Celebrations.

I totally can't take credit - so kudos to you!!!!


Nice. Happy Canada Day.

lynn Crapo

What a GREAT idea! Love it!




Well aren't you clever. Not the update I was expecting, but an update none the less!

Amber S

so cute...my mom did this with my sister, cousins and myself when we were kids...so fun!

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