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August 23, 2009



Just found this, thanks so much! I'm thinking of doing a girly one for my sister.. i've been inspired haha thank you!


Sugar coma for sure--- hello diabetes.


Awesome idea, to the healthy? Post, get a life. Relax and have some fun.


Hope he got some fitness stuff with all that junk food. Don't get me wrong, it's creative, very nice wrapping. But that's a TON of junk food. How about a book or a baseball to play with the kids.

Sam Jamieson

Great idea! I'm going to make it for my "super crafty" BF for her birthday - I know she'll love it!
One question... was the cake plate that held your Skor Cake from Fiestaware? Love it!!!


Awsome. I would have never thought to use coffee stir sticks. Very clever


So cute.....we are still in our 20's and we have 4 kids! Think of it this way::: when they head off to college we will still be young! My husband and I have a lot of traveling to do! If I remember I will do this for him when he turns 30. Makes you really think about what he likes!


Love the 30 item idea!


This is cute! I loved the end note about 4 kids before 30, because we had 5 before thirty, it's quite a rarity! :) Congrats and Happy Birthday to the Hubby!!


very cute! love this idea, found you on pinterest. :)


I just had to comment about the "chips under the bridge" in Sarnia. They are the best! My husband is from Sarnia (we live in Alberta)and when we go visit it is a must stop

Verone Travis

I really like this idea. At work sometimes we need a clever way to give a grouping of gift cards to a coworker and this would work well. Saw the picture of the gift basket on Pintrest, btw.


I love this idea!
When my mom turned 50 I gave her 50 different types of chocolate bars in a red hat box, since a few of her friends had joined the Red Hat society, it was the running joke!


My husband is about to turn 54 in a week. I wonder if I can think of 54 things.....LOL!

Mel Rutledge

I consider myself a pretty creative and crafty person, even make lots of baskets and candy bouqets! This however is a fantastic idea!! Two thumbs up to you!


Love this idea super cute and personal :-)




We do this for our kids 18th birthday and the 18th gift is a really nice gift..Kinda sad only one more go..so I am going to work hard on hers.


Ain't love grand!?


I love the picture of Darren and his skittles and the one of lily giving him her present, soo cute. It was nice to relive it, Great pictures. In the words of Hunter.."This is the best day ever" :)


Amy~ what an awesome idea with the gift 'pot'!! Wish I was there to enjoy the cake since I've heard so much about how good it was!!


This is an awesome idea! My hubby's favorite candy is also skittles

And I had 4 kids before I turned 30! YES!

lynn Crapo

Happy Birthday Darren!


I love that gift idea... I'll look forward to mine next year. Hint Hint.

And what is it with the Workman boys and skittles?? YUCK!

Kathy Tanner

Way to go! Very Creative!

Can you blog your bookshelves (behing your hubby in the one pic) Is it walpaper?

Genius. Just genius!

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