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September 28, 2009



You can totally eat asparagus raw. I don't think it tastes as great as being grilled but just as long as you cut off the tough end piece you're fine. :D

Mommas Soapbox

Love this! I think I'll do this for my next potluck!


I'm so calling you Martha Stewart the 2nd...
Better yet you need your own show.


Wow- thanks for sharing all your brilliant ideas.
And is the asparagus raw? I had no idea you could eat it raw- if it is.
Seriously though-how do you find time to do all you do?

lynn Crapo

YOu are just SO dang smart. I want to be you, when I grow up!


You have the most fabulous ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!!


love it. absolutely love it.. thanks.

nikki Workman

Oh I'm so stealing this idea!!!


I stand in awe!!! How did I manage to produce such an amazing ideas person????


Are you kidding me!!! I am so glad you found time to do this yet strangely I am kind of glad you don't live in my ward. I could never keep up to you in total coolness!!!


Julie D'Arcy

What a brilliant and healthy idea....and sooo EASY!! Keep coming up with your fantastic ideas....i luv em

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