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October 16, 2009



I loooooooooove him. I wanna cuddle him and then when he's older he can marry Brooklyn:)


He is sooo stinking cute... I love those eyes, spike hair etc. It all is great. I agree he will be a couple sizes smaller when we all get threw with sqeezing him..

lynn Crapo

HA HA! HE is SOooo cute!!!!!


Love love the yoga pose!!! Nathan says it looks like he is trying to do a pushup....excercise baby....I just totally can't wait to see him!!!!


Hahaha. I was just planning on commenting that I couldn't wait to squeeze him at Christmas. He just might be a couple sizes smaller by January if we all get a hold of him! :) LOVE his hair, shirt, and drool!!


Holy cow, I just want to reach through the computer screen and SQUEEZE him! SO cute.

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