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November 22, 2009


Mel  :)

This has got to be one of the most beautiful showers I have ever seen. Such classy colors - you did an amazing job! :)


ok...so the 'goth-barbie' look (pink & black) is one of my favourites! It looks sooo unreal...it's all about the photo in the end :) hee
I can't get over how unreal it looks! It's totally Amy Atlas - I love her work! (www.amyatlas.com)
I was just saying to Amanda the other day that I was waiting for your next post...in fact I think you have a bit of a following down here now!


I'm totally in agreement with Allison... any such luck there?

Val Bailey

Amy, I am amazed, this is wonderful. And of course I especially like it because my surname is Bailey! What are you going to do at Christmas when we are all together?


Phew...totally amazing - what can you do for a boy baby shower????


So Amy.. wanna decorate my place for New Years?????


Wow!! You are amazing :)

lynn Crapo

Holy! I too think your friend must of squealed with delight to see what you had done for her. Amazing!!

Jana Eubank

HOLY SMOKES!!! This is ADORABLE!!! I bet your friend was absolutely THRILLED!!! What a sweet friend you are! So, I'm wondering . . . if you ever get tired of that darling pink platter, you are more than welcome to send it my way! ;)


You are amazing! I am planning a combined birthday party for my Jack (turning 4) and Sophie (turning 1) in January. Their birthdays are only 12 days apart. I found a pic if an amazing cake today that was black, white and hot pink, with zebra stripes on the bottom layer. I decided those would be my colors, along with a bright, light blue for Jack. So I ran to walmart and got some tissue in those colors to try making your fabulous pom poms, got home, pulled up your blog to remember how to make them, and saw this! So perfect! You are so inspiring and have given me some great ideas for my party. Thank you!!!

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