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May 03, 2010



I just found you through Pinterest and this is exsactly what I was looking for. also, I'm not sure what the vote for Amy was about! Could someone explain. Thanks

Mae Heki

Did you put a piece of white paper in frame or is that your wall you can see?

I just got the perfect sized frames with glass pane (not real glass) from dollar Tree. I am making 6 of them. I am typing up my own chores and going to try to find little pictures for some of them for my 4 year old. I might put vinyl names on the wall above their frame. Thanks so much for this idea. Love it!


Don't listen to those haters. It's good to have a well-run home. Please keep 'em coming.

K Holt

We did something similar. However, since our kids were older (1st & 3rd grade) and could read, we added bullet points on the back with what was considered a chore well done. i.e. brush teeth may include putting away the toothbrush & toothpaste and wiping out the sink. For those who can't read, take a picture of what the bathroom should look like when they're finished brushing their teeth. It eliminates the frustration point between what you expected and what they deliver.


Love this idea!


This is such a great idea! I found you through pinterest and am so glad I did! I have been saying for weeks I wanted to create a responsibility chart for my son and well with your idea I can now do that! Thank You! Love your blog!


Thank You!!! I have been looking for chore chris for my two kids , I love this idea. I will be shopping for the supplies this week.!!


Love love love your chore charts.

Lori K

Awesome! I think this is the best chore chart I've seen!! Thanks!


linked up your chore chart to my blog! Hope you stop by!





This is great!! Thank you sooooo much!! Just what I was looking for =)


How did you decide to reward your children after completing their chore?


This visual chore chart would be perfect for in my kids rooms to help them with getting ready in the mornings. Great idea:)

A Facebook User

I love this and I think it will work for me and my menopausal brain!
Keep up the good work....and 5 kids....are ya crazy? Bet it's fun in your house tho.

Rachael  Tippetts

I happened upon your blog through a pinterest pin. Thank you for going through the effort to post your chore chart. It reminds me of what my mom had in place for a little while when I was a child. I thought it worked well for me. It was nice to see all of my cards turned over. Thank you for also posting the jobs you have for your children. It helps to know of the jobs that are similar and the ones that I hadn't thought about. Thanks for being a part of my village to help me raise my children! I wouldn't be able to do it on my own otherwise.

Vicki D.

Lady's dont let a few small minded people steal your joy. Let your creative talent's shine. There's never will. Unhappy people love the chance to steal your God given power. Enjoy yourself's.


Thank you so much for this idea! I've been trying to come up with something for my preschooler, and this will be perfect using pictures along with the words for the chore cards. Thanks for your creativity - blessings!

Babette Russell

Hi, Amy and fellow readers. This is the first blog I've ever followed. The chart is just the answer to my prayers on how to do this tastefull, nice to look at, and motivating. Amy, I clicked on the site and it tells me there isn't such page. Do you know another way to assess or follow up w/sponsor and find out why this would be happening. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for tomorrow.


Any chance you would be willing to create more chore cards to sell!?? I'm completely serious -- I would be your first customer!


I did post the list of the chores in a Q&A post in October/2011 but I will defintely post them here too! Thank you for all your sweet comments, they really do mean a lot to me.


Love this idea...thank you. I have been looking for a while now for something that will work with my boys. Hoping this will help.


Could you give a list of Chores that you typed up for your kids? I need some ideas.....


I feel the need to leave this comment based on your opening paragraph :) I used ot love blogging about my life, and everything that goes on. It was my go to and something that was only mine. One day I received a VERY hateful comment ( I still don't know who from, but I can only imagine that it was from someone that I offended) and since that day I havent really blogged. I felt like my love for something got squashed that day and was ruined by their hatred haha... now I miss blogging and havent gotten back into it. I applaud you for your blog, and this great idea for a chore chart- I too will be using this so THANKS!


super, i have been searching for something easy to do, since I need a little help from my guys and this would be the right tool for me! thx, diana


I LOVE this!!! I would like to start something with my two boys.. They are 4 and 5. I would only have one question.. Do you have a list of chores that you started with? I am still trying to come up with a list:)


LOVE it! I've done this same basic idea with halved envelopes and 3x5 cards, but nowhere near as visually appealing as yours and with items I probably have lying in a drawer somewhere! Not only TOTALLY ripping you off, but I'll completely link you on my blog eatingelephantswithjenny.blogspot.com!


what an awesome idea! i love it! might just make one of these babies for my kiddos! thanks for the great idea!!

oh and i know your original post was over a year ago, but can you tell me your reward secret that you use?

thanks so much!


I've never been here before, found you through IMK, but I want to come back! At the moment I need to go be mommy but I'm bookmarking. I love this chore chart idea. I don't have the wall space so I'll have to think of an alternative but you've got me thinking.

Donette Bell

very nice idea. Definitely want to do this one!


I love this idea for my 3 boys....What size frames are these and do you have the printouts? Not that I can't make my own, just asking:-)

Doreen Laurie

Amy you are so darn creative and talented.
congrats on your new baby, Are your Mom and Dad out there right now?

Auntie Doreen

Val Bailey

You have my vote, and Taylor's too. We luv luv luv your blog and are so glad you're back. You have amazing ideas. Lots of love from Aunty Val xxx


Well I have already voted multiple times 'cause I really do think you are the most creative mom. Keep those ideas flowing cause those of us less fortunate in the that department depend on you.


Hey, Missed you.. glad you are back, I too, say phewy to the mean bad people.... You got my vote .
I must say, we just brought out your button idea again. it was resting for awhile but Hayze thought it would be great to bring it out again. I love this new idea and I like the idea of motivational and inspirational added in the mix.
So glad your back.

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