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May 03, 2010



Just in case you didn't know, I am also a lurker... I spent a whole day once reading all your previous entries. I admire your creativity and you've got my vote. I've missed you!


Amy, pooh-pooh on them. Jerky, lerkies. I was so excited to see you had a new post. I too like your blog as I am not creative at all and need some fun ideas to jazz up my life.


Love it. Nice to have you back again :D


Hey woman...nice to see you out of hiding! I've had horrible mean comments (and still do get them, but delete them) - don't let them get you down. Oh and I'm vote 34. :)

lynn Crapo

Oh shoot.. Just realized that I have to have a face book account to vote. Facebook against the rules at our house.

Oh well......just know I THINK you are the most creative mom ever! ; D

lynn Crapo

Oh my Gosh Amy! Had no idea about the loser comments you were getting. So sorry to hear.

So HAPPY you are back!

Voting for you would be an honor! Thanks for giving us the chance to do so! Hope you win!

ana roat

All I have to say is "phewey" to mean people...glad your moving on. Love the new chore board. My take...love notes, scripture and encouragement tags for my husband. He is just returning to work from a long surgery recovery. My board will hang from the mirror in our master bath where he can reflect (no pun intended) on what an awesome man he is. Thanks for just the right idea..looks like you go my vote kiddo!
A new stalker friend!


Sorry the mean people got you down. I actually stopped blogging for that very reason. But, I'm very glad you are back and can't wait for a bunch of cool projects! Off to vote....


So happy to see a new creative post! I'm also a lurker and love your ideas and admire everything you do! Look forward to more posts this week!


Sweet post. LOVE the new chore idea. Stealing it like NOW. xoxo Voting commencing in T-minus 5 seconds...


VERY cute idea Amy. I really really like this one. I depend on creative moms like you, because I sort of 'borrow' the ideas and use them to make my WAY less creative daily life a little bit easier :) You can count on my vote!


I am lurker here, I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and I LOVE how creative you are!! Your ideas are amazing!! I admit I have kept checking back here for updates!!

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