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May 04, 2010



Thank you so much! I can't wait to make some!



I love this idea and will be trying this tomorrow with my daughter! Can't wait to hit the craft store to find supplies ;-) Thanks for sharing this!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair bands and that you are back. I have missed my pretend relationship with you and your fam. Totally voting when they get those silly kinks worked out.



I love the pink double flower one, it's super cute!


So Cute. love them. I went to value Village during the winter and bought a bunch of wool sweaters to make felted flowers... You have now sparked me, (yet again) to try something new.. It is time to move onto spring and wool is "so out of season" spring it is..Destiny will love wearing these in her new hair cut.


Cute... I think I may be brave enough to try this one out for my spoiled daughter. Super cute model you have there by the way. Give her a hug for me...


Thank you SO much for posting these instructions! I have been dying to make some for my little one! :) Can you tell me where you found the adorable flowers? I haven't found any non-cheesy ones so far!

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