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June 21, 2010


Lynette W.

Can you tell me how you make the Skor Cake? Thank you!


I can't seem to print your letters out on my computer and I can't make my letters on my word any bigger than 72 font size. Is there a way you could send me a link to your printable font?


Thanks so much for the printable Super Dad letters! Having the layout already done sure saved me some time!


Just featured the Super Dad in my Father's Day party themes post. I hope you enjoy!!



Thank you so much for this super cute idea! We are totally going to do this!


Where did you buy the dad's rootbeer?


Love this idea and am planning on doing it for my husband. I even found a Superman shirt at Walmart to go with the theme. Do you remember what size you made the letters? I know you said the bookman font but just wondering how big?


Very cute idea! Where did you buy the Dad's Root Beer at?


Sure love seeing pictures of Darren. That steak made me drool just looking at the picture. I can tell Darren you are well loved. Amy you out did yourself. It looks wonderful.


Wow! Nice ideas for an awesome Father's Day celebration!!

I love your mirror, too! ;)

lynn Crapo

Okay.....Dean can NOT see this post. HA ha. You go girl! Darren is one lucky boy for sure.

P.S. That little man of yours sure loves chocolate! ; D


Wow, you totally go all out Amy! Im always astounded at you.

P.S. I am secretly coveting your mirror. Dont hate.

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