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July 09, 2010


Porsche' Robey

i found a link to your carseat cover on another site and after looking through and reading some of your posts i am so glad i clicked ur link! i just made a nursing cover last night and its not this cute at all! its the same idea and im just gonna get some other fabric and make the ruffles, any suggestions on how to do the ruffles? ive never sewn them before i usually just make easy stuff lke blankets and pillows and stuff lol.


This is the cutest nursing cover I think I have ever seen! I would totally buy this.


I had one that I thought was cute...but yours is WAY better. I am hiring you to make me one if I ever have another.


I'm with Amanda - the big business world is calling.......


I would pay for one! I LOVE this. I have a cover I bought on etsy - but would much rather have this one. You do good work girl!!


That is very cute! I might try to make one, maybe, lol.


Love it. Love it, love it love it :) Make a business of it! Can't you sell stuff like that on etsy or something?


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