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August 30, 2010



Do u ladies know if a 30x30 blabket would work??


Found this on Pinterest, and I love the information. I just completed my first one for my new soon-to-arrive grandson! I will be making another one for the other grandbaby due in April. Love the photos and the directions!! As a teacher, I can tell you that your directions/explanations and photos do a great job in this tutorial! Will be making more for shower gifts for many nieces & nephews. Thanks for sharing!!


Love it, I have 5 babies being born between Nov/Feb. Like the idea of being so easy

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I love the blanket AND it doesn't hurt that you say a cat could do it! That means even "I" might pull it off! Yippeee!

I pinned it on my baby crafts board so more people would find your pics.

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Great gift idea and VERY good directions! Can't wait to make this for my first grandchild!


I made mine 35 x 42 and it worked out wel

Monica M


karen chaplin

Oooooo I'm loving this tutorial - just went out and bought some lovely flannel to make one for my friends new baby but no measurements arghhh (as you've used a baby blanket) any chance you can provide me with the measurements as my friend is in the UK and I'm in Oz it's a little difficult to work it out
hope you can help
Thanks heaps


AWESOME! You are a GENIUS!!!

Barbara Whittaker

A very real concern is that this covering deprives the child of enough fresh air - please make sure there is plenty of airflow.


Thanks Janay!!

Yes, the blanket is from Dwell Studio. I purchased mine at Buy Buy Baby but I know Target also carries the Dwell Studio line.

Thanks for the sweet comments! ♥


Thanks for the post. I'm excited to do this for my next baby.


I wish I had seen this idea about 16 months ago! I love it, and featured you here: http://sprik.blogspot.com/2010/09/brief-bits.html So clever!


I have that blanket!!! I am SOOO doing this!! It's an awesome idea. I got mine from Bo Bebe Meichelle. But you can order it online at Dwellstudio.com as well.

Super cute Amy. As always! ;) Oh and thanks for the search engine. I'm glad I'm under the "dear sweet friend" category! hehe


A friend made one for me and I love it!!!!


Another brilliant idea, my niece is having twins, this is an unusual and very practical gift I could do.....fingers crossed! Thanks


Where did you get that blanket?! I love it!

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