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September 05, 2010


A Facebook User

When I first saw your campfire, I thought the twix bars were Tim Tams...very yummy cookies from Australia! What an amazing mom you are! Thanks for sharing! L

Melissa  :)

Your creativity is amazing! We watched Camp Rock too - with chocolate shakes from Sonic & some candy. LOL! I need to get on the ball - what you do for your children they will always, always remember & treasure. :)

Congrats on that new baby who I know will also have those gorgeous blue eyes! :)


It's like christmas morning......you are giving your kids some super memories - keep it up!!


If I only had one or two of your brain cells I'd be a very happy woman! I will have to steal this idea from you.....your children have the best mum, you're so creative....thanks again.


Fun stuff... This post makes me miss graham crackers :(
Why does it sound like you never sit and watch the movies with your family? You should enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

And by the way, I DID notice your picture problem... haha... I suppose your excuse is acceptable :D

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