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September 17, 2010



Wow I think this list is great! The Registered Nurse is a moron. Sorry but, seriously?? Ya think maybe, just maybe, not ALL hospitals have the same rules and supplies as the one you work at??? I think someone that has had several children might just know a thing or two about what she wants and needs to bring along. Geesh, some people... Thanks for sharing your lovely list :)


I agree with Melissa on the coconut oil. It doesn't even have to be "just one more thing" because you can use it for anything and more that you can use the vaseline for!


Where did you get the shirts? We just had our 3rd, and I couldn't find big sister shirts that were sewn & not just iron ons anywhere!


Where did you get the shorts that say big brother???


Great list! Thank you!


Thank you for this list! I just pinned it :)


I preferred using the hospital's pads and sexy mesh underwear, and wore the hospital gown until I was ready to go home. Everything is SO very MESSY (I had no idea just how messy the first time), and I didn't want to mess up my stuff and get it bloody. Otherwise, it looks pretty much like what I took in our bags. Oh, and I also had a change of clothes for my husband.


So this is random but check out this facebook post they are using your pictures and your exact wording but passing it off as their own... Just a heads up you might want to check it out...



Great list but honestly I only used my day home outfit and babies day home outfit, plus toothpaste and shampoo (which they may have had too). Because I had a c-section and was hooked up to so many machines I was stuck in a hospital gown for 2-3 days, which can't be helped. I did bring my slippers, and pillow because I hate non scented laundary soap. The hospital has everything you need for the baby so there is really no need to bring anything but an outfit for going home.


Vaseline is the best, my pediatrician suggested it with my oldest to prevent diaper rash it worked great. Used it at every diaper change for both my girls and they never got a diaper rash.


I would add coconut oil, Lanolin or Nipple Butter to this. If you birth at a breast-feeding friendly hospital, there will be an LC that will visit and give you a sample. It never hurts to be prepared though.


I don't think she is overplanning at all, I'm on my third pregnancy and this looks pretty similar to what I pack. I always wear my own clothes, and my wonderful pediatrician shared the vaseline trick with me after he saw us dealing with the meconium the first time around. The fact is the mother is there for the duration, not just an 8 to 12 hour shift - whatever makes life easier for her is just perfect!

Cheree Hayes

I love this list (a wee bit annoyed by the registered nurse who felt so entitled to say what she did, just because there are a few things on this lovely momma's list that the hospital YOU work at doesn't allow, doesn't mean they shouldn't be packed or at least suggested, right?) Anyhow, the list is fabulous. The only thing I'd add would be Depends Disposable Undies. The pads the center I give birth provides are huge and awkward and I know mine (even the biggest ones) would leak...so I'm sooo going with something more "DEPENDable" lol. Ohhh I love how this momma added the big sister and brother shirts. SOOOO have these and would never have thought to pack them. THANK YOU! They will make for some adorable picks when they see their little brother in a couple weeks. Oh and thank you for the last minute list idea. Perfect. I'm making one now for our fridge! :)

A Regstered Nurse

as a labor and postpartum nurse - let me tell you - you ladies are way overthinking this! plan on an outfit for you and your baby to go home in. some hospitals prevent own clothes for many reasons. i have a laundry basket of lost socks - babies don't need them. layettes and hospital baby clothes have built in mits for baby's hands. baby doesn't need vaseline - check diapers before every feed. this is NOT the ultmate packing guide! best of luck to you. :)

Lori Schult

As a mom of six and a grandma-to-be in just 5 more weeks, I suggest packing an outfit for the baby's hospital pictures! Also, with every one of our babies, I made sure that the coming-home outfit was a comfy one (like a soft sleeper and cap). No scratchy, pouffy dresses, etc...


This is such a great list! Very thorough, but really light packing :-) The only thing that I would add for myself is a pillow. Hospital pillows are so flat, and I was really happy to have my most comfortable pillow when I gave birth to my daughter.


Looks a lot like what I packed. Only exception being Depend disposable underwear. You have 0% of leaks and they have soft waist bands. I wore them for about a month after my c-section. My hospital allowed me to wear my own clothes & shower once I was able to walk again. Take a tour of your hospital and ask what they provide and if they have rules about anything. We also took PJ's for our baby.


The only thing that I would "add" to your tote would be some type of ace bandage or a "skinny" shirt with the top part of it cut off. I was a first time mom and not having any type of support after he was born was just lot for me. I felt so much better after I wrapped myself. This was also more day 2-5ish (but I was in the hospital for longer than most)


As far as a nasal asp. goes... I love the Nosefrita! They have them at target and some drugstores! I was a little weirded out by it at first but then I did some research... Seriously best baby product ever!

Heather Jacobson

Where did you get your cute diaper bag ? I've been looking for months and I can't find one that has enough pockets.


That's a SkipHop Studio bag. I have one too and it's amazing.


Okay ladies, most hospitals will not let you wear your own clothes after delivery so they can monitor the amount of blood you are discharging to show your uterus is shrinking and to check any vaginal stitches you may have had due to an episiotomy or tearing during vaginal delivery or you cesearean incision. The hospital also provides panda for you, diapers and wipes for baby, and many more items such ad a hat, shirts, blankets, and a nasal aspirator. Yes pack a going home outfit for you and baby. Maynr a special homemade blanket for baby. Last be aure to talk to your doctor about his procedures and protocols in the hospital,

Jennifer G

So, I know this is super late, but I just googled what to pack in a hospital bag and your post came up. This is FANTASTIC!! I've got baby's bag all packed, the only thing I don't have yet is the vaseline (cuz I still need to buy it) And then I haven't packed my bag fully yet because I need to wear the clothes that will need to be packed in then next month. I love the idea of the flipflops for the shower. They are kind of out of season here right now, I hope I can still find a pair at the store. I guess I could always pack my own rubber shower mat if I can't find flip flops. And I might just have to invest in some new PJ's. All the ones I have for home are VERY old (like 5 or more years old and are kind of threadbare)


Where did you get your nautical receiving blanket and bodysuit? So cute!!!


Instead of a sports bra, which will take forever to dry, I wore a bathing suit top!


Hair brush and qtips. I hate wet ears!


Thanks for all the tips... this is my first (and my last baby) and I found the information very useful


Hi everyone! Thanks for the nice comments, as for the ear aspirator I have always had luck at Walmart or a larger drug store. They usually hanging with the ear plugs etc in the pharmacy department.
As for the nursing pads, breast pumps... your milk probably won't be in by the time you leave the hospital, so I never bothered packing them, and a breast pump is bulky and not necessary, the hospital will provide you with one if needed. Good luck to all those delivering soon! ♥


Can anyone tell me where to get an actual ear aspirator? All I have seen are nasal. Thanks!


Can someone tell me where to buy an actual ear aspirator? All I have seen are nasal. Thanks!


Wow, this is from 2 years ago, but it's relevant for those of us preparing for the hospital at anytime!! Thank you for posting such a concise list!! Love it!!


Cracking up at the mom who said, "board books." LOL!


You might want to throw some nursing pads in there too :) other than that looks like you are well prepared.


Thank you so much for writing this! And a big thanks to whoever added it to Pinterest!! I'm only a couple months away from the birth of our first baby so it's time I get to this. Your list is a great starting place, thank you!!!


I know this post is a bit old, but I wanted to thank you for creating it! I'm about a month out from having our 2nd little man and this is one of the best "packing for the hospital" posts I've ever seen! Definitely making my list today and using this as a guide.

One other thing I would bring: I loaded up our iPod with soft lullaby music and we brought our small radio/iPod dock, put that playlist on repeat in our room and it brought such a sense of calm and peace. Even our nurses and visitors commented on how nice that made our little corner of the hospital and to this day my son listens to that playlist for his bedtime music!

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