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October 28, 2010



Hi Rachel! I got them from Target. Not sure if you're in Canada or not, but if I see some more I can pick them up and send them to you, they were cheap, maybe $3...
Good luck!

Karen Corbiell

I LOVE that you had to photograph Grey with the cupcakes before you took them away! You are such a true scrapbooking Mom!! LOL Karen C. Strathmore, AB

Rachel Berry

Oh I love your whole presentation!!! Okay at what store did you find those awesome
skeleton salad servers??? I love them!!!

Rachel Berry


It looked really good and I am sure the missionarys were duly impressed and plus if they are from the States, they probably think we are all weird up here anyway....LOL
I laughed at Grey's antics in commandeering the cup cakes, but felt sad that he was put in "baby prison"...tell him Grandma is coming to set him free!!

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