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November 08, 2010



hi~ ok i know this is random.. but i just wanted to tell you that i came across your blog awhile back and it totally inspired me to do movie night at my house! your ideas are awesome and it sounded like so much fun. i've only done a couple and it's just for my 3 year old right now but it's definitily a new tradition. thanks so much! also saw 'how does she?' did a write up.. very cool! keep up the good work! ;)


Chubby babies rock!! Good job Mama!


Two of the cutest little guys ever.. I so wish I was there to hold them.


Don't let him grow too big before we get there at Christmas and am I seeing lots of Jarom in Grey, I think it is the eyes (or do I need new glasses???)


Hehe! I have the same monkey outfit for Nicholas! It's one of my faves.

lynn Crapo

The more rolls the better I say! He is so dang cute!!!


I had one of those. 22 lbs at 4 months. Breastfed only. Crazy. Thankfully he tapered off and was only 25 lbs at a year.
But yes ... pretty dang cute :)


That eyebrow in the first picture bout did me in!!! Delish!


Oh my goodness... I want to squeeze them BOTH! I am a big fan of chubby babies too, so squishy... so cute.

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