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February 15, 2011


Holly Burget

I love the idea of your pizza! It is all great actually! Could you please tell me exactly how you make the pizza? It looks like it is on a loaf of french bread. Thanks!


I love looking at your blog, you are so amazing!! I so wish I had your gift! I showed my husband and he was very impressed. I see that you are LDS which so are we, so I love that you had the missionaries over to celebrate with you. I need a friend like you that lives by me so they can help me! lol You are so talented. I want to make these beautiful memories, dont get me wrong I still do a lot with our 5 kids but nothing like you. So thank you for sharing!!


hi there really liking the look of the glass desserts could u send me the recipe for them please would love to make them


Hi - thanks for the great ideas! I linked to your post today on my blog! I'd love for you to check it out! Melissa


This is such a great idea! Another one of those "Can't believe I didn't think of this!" moments! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa  :)

I think I have said this before but just in case I haven't...

You are such an inspiration! You are such a great mom. You create memories that will stay with your children forever. :)

One more thing - do you tweet? LOL :)

(I loved your 30 before 30!) :)


I'm so so so impressed your parties... I love planning parties but mine don't hold a candle to yours! Love them!!


Pięknie spędzony dzień! Dużo miłości życzę!

Mandy Smith

Awwwww, good job on the love dinner!!! I'm not so much on the gifts either, but the food..... BRING IT ON!!!! lol.
My favorite was the heart shaped pepperoni, who would have thought (except you, of course!)


Awww....what a lovely post (and all done in the freezing cold no less!!)but who needs heat with all the love that is floating around in your house! Remember the song "I've got my love to keep me warm"...LOL

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