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April 13, 2011



You are such a great mama! The clincher was the spit and food on the cake....bet you had a piece didn't you! Yup, wonderful mom.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

Katie Dearing

Awesome Party!! Would you mind sharing what kind of drink you used for the fuel? I love the look of all the bubbles!!


Awesome Party!! I am doing a construction party for my son's 4th birthday. Would you mind sharing what the fuel was? I LOVE the bubbles!!



This was one awesome party! I just threw a truck party for my son, and your photos were a major inspiration. I just finished a post about my son's party, and I linked to this post in my "inspiration" section. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cute Card Queen

I am doing a post of the best parties and this is TOTALLY making the cut. I will like to you! So stinking cute!!!!!!!!! Great job, mom!

Not Just A Mommy!

Looks amazing and he was having a fabulous time, which is always what matters! I knew it was a tire on the top even with 'tears mixed into it'! It's way beyond my skill level and I totally respect those who work with it.

I would love to share your party with my readers in a future Fiesta Friday, I'm always on the lookout for awesome boy parties!


Hi There! My name is Lindi of Love The Day and would love to feature this party on my blog. It is absolutely fabulous! Let me know if that's ok.


Hi There! My name is Lindi of Love The Day and would love to feature this party on my blog. It is absolutely fabulous! Let me know if that's ok.

Christine @ Pure Joy Events

What a super creative party! Loved all of the DIY projects.


This party is incredible! I'll be featuring on Ucreate Parties!!


I laughed right out loud and no one is home to see this post right now!! It makes me miss you guys so much. When can we ever see you all again!!!???


AMAZING, seriously you are sooo very talented and unique. I've read every one of your posts and 'am in ore....do you ever sleep!
Thank you so much for sharing. Just love your 'little guy', how sweet is that video....adorable.


To quote Russ - "BEST POST EVER!" He kinda laughed his face off over the spit candle cake incident. He's a workman boy!


Wow- amazing and PERFECT! You put everyone else's parties to shame.

Thanks for all the inspiration you provide to us all :)

Elizabeth Port

What a fun and creative party! I love all the details! And the cake was just amazing!!!!


Wow, that's some cake!!! My kids were laughing so hard at that video... especially the part where he gave one last blow even though the candles were already out :D

lynn Crapo

LOL! That video is adorable!! What a cute cute party! My word...Amy...you certainly do know how to throw memorable parties for your kids!! You are one rockin mom!


The cake looked like a tire to me! So when are you moving home so you can do my kids birthdays????


You are "holy cow!!" Amazing!! I have to say, that is one cute kid! The video was hilarious. I am so glad his birthday went so well. Where do you get the time to do all this stuff? One day I will get up to your speed... I hope:)

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