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April 06, 2011



The wrapping paper is from Target!


Hi, I was wondering where you found the wrapping paper?

lynn Crapo

HA ha. So cute!! He is ALL boy! Glad it worked out in the end. There's nothing like finding the perfect gift for someone's birthday and they appreciating it like so. ; D


I can see him still trying to squeeze into it when he is older.....do they come in all sizes??
Maybe you should start saving up for the "big truck" when he is 16....LOL


This reminds me of the little tykes red and yellow car Christian got at 1 yr old. He LOVED it! can't remember what ever happened to it -on one of the many moves?! lol


So cute! What boy wouldn't want a pick up truck for his birthday, regardless of the age.

Domestic C.O.O.

Awesome Amy. I just bought Cooper's B-day present last week. I hope he likes it half as much as Grey liked his. Maybe this will keep him busy long enough for you to get some things done in the day!

Karen Corbiell

We had the same truck for our boys too!! They LOVED it!! Unfortunately we have a hill behind our house and they would all 3 pile in and on and ride down the hill. Too much weight on the front wheels will bend the axles...:(

Sharon Osborn

I agree, you found the PERFECT gift for him! He will probably want to take it to bed with him :) Way to go mom!

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