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May 31, 2011


jennifer whitt

can you post some help with making the plant and where did you get the printable for the mario stash can?


Where did you find the green pipes for the piranha plant?? I'm having trouble finding them!!


The piranha plant head is a tomato container from the dollar store. I just cut it in half and glued it together with white felt around the edges and white stickers. Hope that helps.


Love this blog!! What did you use to make the head of the pirahna plant? We are throwing my son a Mario themed party for his upcoming birthday and I am looking for ideas on how to make the plant heads:) TIA!

danielle thompson

hi! i've been looking for mario party ideas and i have to say, your's are the BEST! would you mind sharing how you made the piranha plant? brilliant! i hope you don't mind but i'm going to borrow some of your ideas. If i photograph them and blog them, i'll be sure to send people to your blog for credit! My email address is [email protected]. thanks!

Tammy Clark

I love your party, it looks like he had fun. I am running a little behind on my son't 5'th Mario party. And love your blocks. You said you got from internet and glued. Where did you get it? Thanks


Fantastic party! You put so many great details in from the pipes to the cupcake mario! hats off!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!


I am throwing my son and my niece a mario/princess peach party and I was wondering if could tell me what materials you used to make the piranha plant? It is so cool, you did an amazing job! I loved all your ideas and will be using a few :)


I just found your blog and I AM IN LOVE! I have gone through just about everything in it now I think! Your children are gorgeous. My favourite has got to be the supermario themed party.. I want one and I'm 20! You're the mum I want to be when I am a mum!


Wow, you are insane! And so is that cake :D (Insane in a good way, of course)


What awesome ideas for a party and very well executed! Thanks for sharing.


Let me know if you need any extra details or help for your party M! :)


OH MY GOSH!! I am so stealing ths idea fo rmy nephews 8th birthday!! He is obsessed with Mario!!!


Boy, can I ever relate to computer issues and glitches!! Glad it's working again for you.

You are seriously SO talented. Your kids will always remember their birthdays. So cool!

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