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October 07, 2011


Virginia Mohwinkel

Holy cow it worked! I am not embarrassed anymore over how my stove looks when I have company. It took off years of unmovable grime.Many, many thanks.


I plan on trying this but it's blistering cold outside right now where I live so I think I will wait till the summer months when the household is wanting the grab an go foods more that hot cooked meals.
But thanks for the info. Deffanetly gonna do it


It takes 12 hours for just one grate!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this done today not four days from now!!

nancy from michigan

I have tried this with the grimey racks in my electric stove. IT WORKS!!!! i HAVE DONE THIS FOR YEARS.


No cooking today....I'm cleaning my stove, THANKS for the great idea.


I have no idea if this will work with cast iron. Maybe google cast iron and amoinia and see what pops up. Sorry.


Oh I am so doing this this week. Thanks for this wonderful tip.

Stacey Fessel

Will this also work with cast iron?


I wonder if this would work for electric stove drip pans!?!? lol


Thank you, thank you, thank you. For 8 years I have been trying to clean the grim off of my stove top grates....NOTHING worked, but THIS DID! YAHOO! My stove top looks brand new! Thanks again!

Vivienne @ The V Spot

Thanks for linking to my post. Am so glad this worked for you. Who'd a thunk it, right? ;)


ooooh... good to know!!!!! thanks for sharing!


Excellent! I was 'thinking' of someday maybe cleaning those grates....ugh! Now i will! Thanks woman!

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