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January 28, 2012



Such an Awesome craft !Just curious about the letter ? I'd like to 're craft" this idea, but need to make a letter E .. did you use a stencil ? Thanks ... I'm sure i'll find a template at the Craft store ?


I cannot find a proper frame... not for cheap at least. Any frame I come across is not thick enough to hold crayon art but just a thick picture. Is it possible for you to list the type of frame you purchased and where from?

Sarah @ Crafting and Creativity

So cute, love to see that you're posting!!


Maya says that gift you made for Mrs. King is displayed on her desk. She must really like it. At least your blog banner is back in season. Can your crappy computer at least let you photoshop a topless Finn in a winter toque into there?


What a great idea!

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