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January 24, 2012


Brandi Weishaar

You are the BEST mommy ever and your flowers are gorgeous. I am not surprised! You rule. <3

Kelly Ann

I just found your blog from a pinterest link to your packed hospital bags. Now, I've just been obnoxiously reading EVERY. OTHER. POST. You are such an inspiration! Keep writing! Glad to be a new reader!


Snazzy! Looks perfect to me... welcome back to blogland. Hope you enjoyed your Glee!


Oh my gosh. What can you NOT do? HA ha. Seriously...these are gorgeous. And if you lived closer I would SO ask you to do a wedding cake.

And I am with Shells...miss you and your blog. ; )

Kathy Tanner



I really miss your blog... Just saying!!! And seriously if that cake/fondant is not amazing I'm sane!! Lol luv luv those flowers! So I guess your gonna miss Janie's 16th birthday to help me!!! Maybe via long distance I can get help... Pretty please.... I wuv u!!! :)

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