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February 28, 2012


Nat Mardon

Hi Amy, was just reading your blog posts about your visit over to our side of the world here in Australia! And had to giggle at all the things that are just 'normal' here to us! Like green moss - don't you have that over there?? And the crab, I love crabs! We love finding them at the b each if we can!! I'm guessing you didn't see an army of soldier crabs while you were here, they are amazing!! Literally hundreds of them all marching along together!! Did you only visit Sydney while you were here? And only a week? Never long enough in a foreign country!

I actually came to your blog because this weekend I'm making chore charts for my 3 kids to try and keep things in check and in preparation for adding another little person to the mix in a few months time. I looked for a bit on Pinterest and found yours, and thought they'd work best for me. So thanks!!

Nat, from Australia xx


YEah!!! Love that you are sharing your trip with us. I love it. I have a cousin who lives there in Australia. I hope to one day go there and see it in person. Who knows. But in the mean time...this is awesome.

Okay....continue as you are. ; )

GrandPa Coates

Oh yeah, I remember that Chicken salt stuff, it's so good.

Val Bailey

Fantastico. But - they don't drive on the wrong side of the road in Australia. Like us Brits they drive on the proper side of the road lol. Forgetting that you don't live near the coast also. Having always lived near the coast we are used to slimy seawood and crabs and stuff but it sure looks nice and sunny out there. And the food looks good too.

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