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February 05, 2012



Where did you get the cookie cutters for the X and O cheese for the salad?


Hi, looks great. Can you tell me where to find the ideas for the "paper with candy/straw" game sheet?


Minute to Win it link added to the top of post. ♥

Jen Hansen

Wow you are amazing! I loved all your ideas for your family valentines dinner. I was wondering if you would share the minute to win it? I too enjoy hanging out with my favorite people-my family! I know that they would love to do a minute to win it also. THANKS for sharing your ideas!

Carri Furman

yea that minute to win it looks awesome..can you share


Looks fantastic as always! So sad I didn't get to meet you last week when you were out, we were visiting my sisters ward the Sunday you visited! Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Karen Corbiell

Okay, knowing full well that you may not see this post in time, I will ask anyway! lol Do you have a copy of your Minute to win it, that you used? It looks like lots of fun and I think I could use it at school for our Valentine's party. Thanks!

Kim Hammond

Hooray! Another post! That just made my day!


I absolutely love how you put so much effort into parties for just your family. For some reason the only time I think to do fun things is when we are having others over---but I need to be better about making things special for just my family! They are the most important and I need to show that.

Sarah @ Crafting and Creativity

So many fabulous ideas... thanks for sharing!

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