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April 23, 2012


ingrid b.

Love your blog, you have awesome party and family movie night ideas. I don't see a way to subscribe to the block, is that available?


Wow, this was back in April - how did it turn out??? I am dying to know! I really have been wanting to do that same thing around here, too. I found 100 Days, too, but it is such a big leap that I haven't made the jump yet. Please do an update post. I'd love to hear the results - even if it didn't work, your pioneering efforts can still help us out!!
(Thanks so much for a great blog! I've spent the night reading posts really far back!)


I definately understand why - the stuff we eat contains all sorts of stuff I can't pronounce. My new obsession is the Thrive line of food from shelf reliance. It is all freeze dried so has fantastic shelf life - think 25-30 years unopened and 18months or so open and is really easy to use in your everyday cooking. Food storage you can rotate! Also the ingredients in the can are only the one thing like: strawberries, eggs, potatoes... Fabulous selection! I put the website on here if you want to look at it. Yes I am a consultant if you have any questions feel free to ask!




Awesome!! Good for you guys! We've been doing this for awhile now.....but never really cut out canned foods all together. It was too hard for our family to do that completely, but for the most part we are...if the food is in season.

When you say canned.....do you also mean your home canned goods? Or do you just mean the store bought cans?

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