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June 01, 2012


Karen Corbiell

Our oldest did it with his left arm! We would put him in his car seat or swing with a bottle and as soon as he started to suck up would come the arm. It looked like he was making a right hand turn! LOL If we took the bottle out his hand came down, pop it in and up it went! We turned it into party entertainment!! Poor kid, laughing at his expense.


I've never seen anything like that. So cute!!!! It amazes me that his leg doesn't get tired while the blood drains out. ; )


Ha, Cael does that too! We put him down, give him his bottle and POP, up come the feet. He actually does it with both at the same time. Love it!


My son who is almost 5 months does this everytime i lay him down also in the crib in his play pin even in the carseat lol i love it

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