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July 08, 2012


Bobbie Schultz

I love this idea, your sun catchers are beautiful. I am looking for a craft that I can adapt for a Sunday school lesson on forgiveness. The Lord wants us to forgive not seven times but Seven times Seventy times. I want to have the children make something that will help them remember this. I am thinking your idea with using cupcake tins with the number 7 X 70 inside. Not sure what I would use for the numbers, something that would not melt. Also would need to put a hole in it for hanging later. Children would be able to hang this up in their window. It would be a constant reminder on forgiveness for them. I will have to try this. Thank you!


This would probably be cool with shaped pans. I have a heart shaped pan around here somewhere :) Or I wonder if it would work with metal cookie cutters holding a shape together... I will be trying this, thanks!

Shannon Doolin

I am not sure if you got my comment/questons or not, but I will try again. I LOVE your blog and your ideas! I am starting to make your chore chart and had a few questions. 1. What size frame and 3M hooks did you use? 2. What reward system do you use? Thanks so much!


wow this is awesome and I am so going to do this THANK YOU

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