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September 17, 2012



Amy, you are amazing! I want to make my daughter's next birthday fantastic; you are welcome to give me pointers if you have any! The theme will be Cat in the Hat. She will be turning 3. You truly have a gift for party planning!


Wow! I love everything about this party! Especially the cake and the little ice-cream cone birthday party hat!


I am also so inspired by you! You are amazing...which that doesn't really cover it, you are so much more! I aspire to be as neat, creative, and driven as you are one day!


You are so creative! I feel both inspired and guilty when I read your blog....


so so so cute!! What creative and darling ideas! I pinned this so I can refer back to it!

Karen Corbiell

So what do you do with the decorations when you have finished with them? As in can I buy your fabric ice cream cones and Lily's hat? LOL Seriously!


You make us all look bad Amy. I'm gonna have to stop reading your blog ;)


Too cute! It's all so pretty, I really love the fabric ice cream cones!


Awesome! It all looks extremely delicious... Happy Birthday Lily :D

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